Social Media Keeps
the Holidays Going
Sophie Zollmann
December 14, 2018

Everybody loves the holidays. They’re fun, and they have the great ability to bring everyone together. Wouldn’t it be nice if the holidays could continue all through the year? Good news, social media users-every day can be a holiday! Sure, they might not be as big as Thanksgiving or Christmas, but who wouldn’t want to celebrate National Taco Day?

Almost every day of the year has a holiday attached to it in the social media calendar. January 4th is National Trivia Day. April 23rd is National Picnic Day. And while you don’t need to jump on every celebratory bandwagon, playing up a day every now and then can make for fun content. They’re great for slow news days, causes that are important to you, or even just to make your followers smile. Bonus points for being incredibly easy to share and trend with hashtags.

You should proudly celebrate days that mean something to your brand, especially if they tie in to your philanthropy. Whether you’re supporting World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd or Stand Up to Cancer Day on September 8th, you can show your followers what matters to your company. You can even create an opportunity for giving, such as donating a percentage of every sale that day to the cause or organization.

But celebrating a social media holiday doesn’t always require a good cause. You can occasionally share days that reflect your brand’s personality just for fun. Does your office have a thing for selfies? Let them show off their selfie game on June 21st for National Selfie Day! If your brand loves dogs, get your employees (and followers!) to share pictures of their precious pooches on National Dog Day! (August 26th)

Obviously, don’t go overboard. Does anyone really need to know that August 27th is Just Because Day? And, of course, you always want to keep it tasteful and non-controversial, but don’t be afraid to keep your holiday spirit going all year long!

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