4 Benefits Of Blogs
Sophie Zollmann
January 4, 2019

When you’re planning your digital marketing strategy, you’ll likely focus a lot of attention on social media content, Facebook ads, and online customer interaction. One area you shouldn’t overlook is your brand’s blog. Blogs have been around even longer than social media! While they started as a way to share stories, opinions and experiences, they’ve become a key part of digital marketing. Here are four reasons to give your blog a boost!

1. Blogs Increase Your Web Traffic.

Every business faces the challenge of driving consumers to their website. Blogs can help you with that! Blogs give you a place to share more detailed information about your brand or industry. Consistently sharing valuable content such as helpful tips or interesting new developments keeps your readers coming back and gets more users to your homepage.

2. Blogs Strengthen Your Bond With Your Audience.

As your followers get to know your brand and rely on you for engaging and important information, their trust in you grows. This is an imperative part of increasing your brand loyalty. Blogs give you another opportunity to interact with your audience and will help you build that all-important relationship with your customers.

3. Blogs Establish You As An Industry Leader.

As you share valuable content about your brand and your industry, you won’t just be gaining the trust of your followers, you’ll be proving that you’re an expert in your field. Establishing your brand’s knowledge and expertise sets you apart from your competitors and shows that your business is leading the pack.

4. Blogs Increase Your SEO

Blogs help you get ahead of your competitors when it comes to search engine optimization as well. Blog content is one of the main things that Google pulls from to determine your search engine ranking, so a steady stream of fresh content helps boost your SEO and put your brand at the top!

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