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Sophie Zollmann
February 8, 2019

Creating a new marketing campaign is a lot like putting on a play. Lots of elements have to come together perfectly to put your product or service on stage for all the world to see. And just like a play, a marketing campaign needs a good director to keep things running smoothly. Look at all the ways an online business manager works behind the curtain to get your brand ready for opening night!

  1. Sets The Stage For Success

Before your marketing campaign is even in the planning stage, your business manager is doing the research to ensure your success. They’re assessing your market and gathering information about your target audience and their buying habits. They’re even checking out your competition and taking notes on their marketing tactics.

2. Plans The Performance

A theatre director has to design the look and feel of every production they put on, and your online business manager does the same. They determine which strategy will work best for your product. Would a content-based campaign that improves your SEO be best? Which social media platform will appeal to your customers? What emails, contests, or special offers should be incorporated into your campaign? A business manager has answers to all these questions and knows how to pull all the elements together for an exciting and engaging marketing plan.

 3. Takes Notes On Your Performance

A good director gives notes at the end of every rehearsal and performance. They’re always looking for ways to make the show even better. Your online business manager is doing the same. They’re constantly analyzing web traffic, identifying ads and platforms that generate the most sales, and changing or eliminating efforts that don’t generate good ROI.

4. Ready For The Next Show

By the time the curtain drops on closing night, a director already has the next show in mind. A good director doesn’t settle for one successful run-they’re always thinking about the next great thing! Business managers also keep their focus on the future. They’ll help your business set goals for everything from customer numbers to revenue and profits. Your online business manager won’t rest on the success of this campaign-they’re already planning for the next one!

Discover how an online business manager can set the stage for your brand’s marketing implementation success.


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