Three Keys To Successful
Email Marketing
Sophie Zollmann
February 18, 2019

Email marketing campaigns are a tried and true method of converting prospective leads into customers and turning customers into repeat customers. Using email to its full potential requires you to send the right content to the right person at the right time. Take a look at the three types of emails that you should incorporate in your next email marketing campaign.

1. Nurturing

As with any marketing campaign, you should focus more on building relationships than selling. Lead nurturing allows you to build a relationship with customers that will hopefully lead to sales. Nurturing emails can function as an introduction or welcome to your company. They can also act in a re-marketing capacity to draw in potential customers that have shown interest in your product but haven’t pulled the purchase trigger yet. Nurturing emails also help you stay in touch with previous customers or interested customers that aren’t quite ready to buy.

No matter who they’re aimed at, nurturing emails always offer something of value. Whether it’s information, or an educational offer like a webinar, or a product update or video, it must be valuable to draw in those potential customers.

 2. Engaging

Keeping your potential customers interested and engaged is another important step in the relationship building process. Engagement emails tend to be more personalized for the different segments of your audience. You can group your potential customers based on demographics, geographics, and purchasing behaviors to craft emails that will appeal to each group’s preferences. Maximizing your relevant content will increase your opens and clicks and decrease unsubscribes and bounce backs.

For every segment of your audience, your email should clearly convey its value right in the subject line. It should have an attention-getting headline and an engaging first line because that’s what your customers will see in their email preview. You should also keep your text concise and your CTA clear. Your potential customers are too busy to muddle through lots of text- keep it short and to the point.

3. Sales

When it’s finally time to send sales emails, there are several tips to follow. Just like the nurturing and engaging emails, you should have a strong headline and sub headlines that immediately convey value to your customers.

Sales emails should lead to a dedicated landing page with a similar look that features a strong headline as well as a supporting image or video that quickly explains the purpose of the landing page. Including social proof, like customer testimonials, ups your conversion rate. Keep paragraphs short and use subheadings and bullet points when possible to keep the undivided attention of your potential customer and increase your chances of conversion.

Following these steps will help you build relationships with your potential customers that will turn them into loyal customers. Book a call today to learn more about creating a successful email marketing campaign.


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