6 Tips For Newsletter Content
Sophie Zollmann
February 22, 2019

Email newsletters are great for staying connected with your customers, but making sure your publication stands out from dozens of other emails in their inbox can be challenging. Valuable content is the key to making sure your newsletter doesn’t wind up in the trash. Here are six tips for creating engaging content that will get your customers’ attention.

    1. Personal Touch

Including an introduction or personal note in your newsletter allows you to build an emotional connection with your customers.  Introducing your readers to the person behind the brand encourages trust and loyalty. Don’t forget to include a headshot and a bio in your newsletter so your clients can put a face with the name!

    2. Problem Solving

Articles that solve problems or give helpful tips should be a regular feature in your newsletter. You want to educate your customers as well as forge a lasting connection and giving them valuable tips and advice is the best way to do it.

    3. Upcoming Appearances

Give your customers a chance to see you in person! Newsletters are perfect for sharing upcoming events, appearances, and speaking engagements.

    4. Testimonials

Share the wonderful things your customers are saying about your brand! Positive product reviews and customer testimonials can be a regular feature of your newsletters. They might be just the push that converts a potential customer to a paying customer!

    5. Special Offers

What could be more valuable to your customers than a discount or special offer? If you include these regularly in your newsletter, your clients will always be excited to see the next issue appear in their inbox.

    6. Social Media

You want to connect with your customers wherever you can, so make sure you include links to all of your social media platforms.


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