Creating a Winning Webinar
Sophie Zollmann
September 18, 2020

What’s one thing you’d like to teach your customers? Do it with a webinar!

Webinars are a fantastic way to teach a skill, demonstrate a technique, or share valuable information about a specific topic. They’re easy to create and they’re great for building a connection with your audience.

Here’s an easy guide to creating an excellent webinar!

  • Choose a topic that’s specific, as well as genuinely interesting and useful. You’re asking people to dedicate an hour or so of their valuable time to your webinar- make it worth their while!
  • Know your topic inside and out! You must be able to speak clearly and concisely, as well as answer questions from your audience.
  • Decide on a format. Will you be the only speaker, or will you conduct a Q&A style webinar with another host?
  • Write your script. I cannot stress this enough- DO NOT WING IT!!! No matter how much you know about your topic, it’s hard to speak concisely for an hour without a script. Having a guide helps you avoid unnecessary tangents and awkward pauses.
  • Create great slides. You want interesting, informative, useful slides and graphics that enhance your presentation. But remember- these are meant to be companions to your presentation, not the entire presentation. We’ve all sat through events where the speaker simply reads off the slides- it is INCREDIBLY BORING!! Don’t do that to your audience!
  • Pick the right platform. The size of your company and the number of attendees will help you choose the best platform to host your webinar.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment- microphones, fully charged batteries, back up batteries and a reliable internet connection. Have a tech assistant that can troubleshoot, if possible.
  • Decide how you’ll promote your webinar. You can email the link to your existing customers and share it on social media. You can also ask colleagues and partners to share it on their social media pages.
  • Do a trial run. Test everything out a few days before you go live. Make sure all of your speakers or presenters can connect, your equipment works properly, and your slides synch up properly.
  • Be prepared! When it’s time to go live, make sure distractions like cell phone and email notifications are silenced. Hold your webinar in a quiet space that’s free from interruptions from kids or pets. Check your background and make sure nothing is visible that shouldn’t be- people WILL notice!
  • Be on time. Actually, be early. Your attendees shouldn’t be the first ones online. Be ready and waiting to greet your attendees and get started on time.

Ready to create your webinar? The team at SophieZo can help! We have marketing experts, copywriters and tech geniuses to get you from start to finish. Book a call today to learn more.


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