10 Things You Could STOP Doing if You Had a Marketing Team
Sophie Zollmann
August 4, 2023

Marketing is essential to keep your business growing and thriving, but planning, designing, launching, and maintaining top of the line marketing initiatives is, quite frankly, a HUGE pain in the ass. It takes a ton of your valuable time in the planning stages alone, and the testing, tweaking, and analysis that goes into a successful campaign can eat up countless hours of your work week.

If only there was an easier way…

Just imagine what you could do with a full marketing team at your fingertips. Even better, imagine all the time-sucking tasks you could STOP doing if you had a full marketing team at your fingertips!

If you don’t have the time to stay on top of every new marketing trend, or generate endless streams of fresh content, an all-in-one marketing team might just be the answer to every marketing quandary you face. Here are 10 things you could take off your plate if you had your own plug-and-play team of marketing experts:

  1. Stop Stressing Over SEO

    Algorithms, keyword strategy, long tail? Short tail? Who’s got time for it??? Not you – but if you have an SEO specialist on your team, you don’t have to!

  2. Picking Platforms

    Your campaigns can’t succeed if you don’t pick the right platform for your target audience, and that requires a LOT of research. Good thing your marketing team rocks at research and demographics.

  3. Content Generation

    Blogs, social media posts, ads, articles, books – the content list goes on and on forever, and you can’t possibly write it all AND run your business. No worries- your copywriter has it covered.

  4. Understanding Analytics

    Do you look at your analytics? Do you understand what they mean for your business, and how your KPIs indicate what’s working and what’s not? We do.

  5. Staying Ahead of Trends

    Nobody wants to be the last straggler jumping on the bandwagon! Marketing trends change rapidly, and you want to stay ahead of the next tidal wave of change. When you have a marketing expert keeping an eye on the next big thing, you’re free to keep your eyes on your next big idea for your business.

  6. Launching Campaigns

    Introducing new products or services is really exciting, but it’s also a MASSIVE undertaking. Your marketing team handles it all – designing, setting up, launching, managing, maintaining – done!

  7. Bringing the Hype

    You need to get your target audience excited BEFORE you launch your latest campaign, and that requires a lot of hype. Lead-ins, funnels, email campaigns, lead magnets, and events are incredibly effective at building anticipation, but they require a serious team effort.

  8. Managing Your Presence

    You’re active in a lot of areas, social media profile, podcast, YouTube, reels, stories, and more. Who’s going to manage the content creation, editing, posting, etc.? Not you!

  9. Planning and Scheduling

    Creating a solid content calendar is a big job, and it doesn’t end there. You have to devise, implement, and monitor your content calendar every single month – unless you have a marketing team to do it for you!

  10. Stop Guessing

    Successful marketing is about strategy. If you want to avoid wasting time and money by throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks, you need a marketing team with tested, proven, repeatable strategies.

Thinking about what you could do with all that time you’d save if you had an all-in-one marketing team? Good! First, you should listen to this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo if need further convincing, then you should book a call to get your own plug-and-play team immediately!


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