How Do We Do It?!
Sophie Zollmann
April 25, 2024

The business support experts at SophieZo aren’t just marketing and operations geniuses, we’re also CEO extractors.

So, what does that mean exactly?

We know that CEOs are the heart of their businesses. They are visionary leaders, blazing the trail for the future of their company- and that doesn’t leave time for the day-to-day tasks that suck up too much time.

We believe that sustainable growth starts with extracting the CEO from the daily demands and putting them back in the driver’s seat. Here’s how we do it:

  • We start by exploring your current leadership culture. We want to understand what makes your company tick, so we do a deep dive into your vision, mission, and goals so that we can create a customized action plan to get you where you want to be with ease.

  • Next, we turn our focus to your team. We know that sustainable growth requires sublime support, so we focus on filling gaps, and finding new opportunities to support growth, learning, and communication.

  • Finally, we assess the current structure of your business. We identify slowdowns, bottlenecks, and areas of improvement, then we devise the systems and strategies that streamline your operations, boost your efficiency and productivity, and help you grow sustainably for years to come.

    We believe that every business deserves a flexible growth framework that’s as unique as they are, so we create custom success plans based on your vision, your goals, and your company culture. The plug-and-play support specialists at SophieZo know that it’s possible to scale to the next level of success without stress, and we’re excited to show you what we can do for your business! Visit to learn more!


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