3 Rules for Facebook Ads
Sophie Zollmann
October 5, 2018

Facebook ads provide an amazing opportunity to send a carefully crafted message directly to your target audience- as long as you do it right. There are three rules to follow if you want to use social media marketing to its full potential.

  • Choose Your Words Carefully

Your headline is your hook, and it needs to grab your audience in as few words as possible. Research shows that five-word headlines are the most effective, and numbers in the headline are even more attention-getting.

Once you have your audience hooked, you have to choose how you’ll proceed. Every ad tells a story, but how you tell your story depends on your brand and your target audience. You might choose the more traditional approach of following a headline with short, concise text-about 20 words-that features an immediate call to action, saving most of the information for the landing page.

Or you could choose to give your audience a bit more information about your brand or product by using longer, story-telling style ad text before your call to action. Knowing your target audience will help you choose the best format for your Facebook ad.

  • Looks Matter!

When it comes to advertising, image is everything! It’s important to choose graphics that suit your ad and get your reader’s attention. Primary colors-red, yellow and blue-are particularly good at drawing the eye. But if bright colors aren’t really your company’s look, that’s okay, because having a cohesive look between your ad and your landing page matters more than having pops of color. Studies show that having complimentary looks for your ad and landing page keeps customers on your website longer, so make your message match!

  • Keep Your Purpose Clear

What is your call to action? Do you want your customers to purchase a product? Subscribe to a list? Click for more information? Whatever your purpose, make it clear! Bonus points if you can use interesting and engaging language in your CTA. Think words like “discover” instead of “find out,” or “join” instead of “sign up.” Unique word choices help your ad stand out from the competition.

Your social media manager can make sure you’re following all the guidelines that will help you make the most of your Facebook Ad campaigns. Learn more about how a social media manager can help with social media marketing to build your business, brand and reputation.


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