How To Curate Content
For Social Media
Sophie Zollmann
March 8, 2019

Your social media profile needs a steady stream of fresh content to keep your followers engaged, but where can you find that much content? Creating it from scratch would be incredibly time consuming. Luckily, a significant portion of your content can be curated from multiple sources, including your own previous and ongoing publications and posts.

Why Curate?

Curating, or collecting content from many different sources, keeps your feed fresh and engaging. Sourcing content from others will help you build relationships with leaders and influencers in your industry. And, best of all, drawing content from others or from your own collection will save you a great deal of time.

How to Curate

When sharing content from others, there are a couple of questions to ask yourself. First, you must ask what your audience will like and respond to. Next, determine if it is from a trustworthy source, and if it reflects the voice and personality of your brand. Once you’ve found content that fits your parameters, share away! Blogs, social media posts and videos from respected industry leaders and influencers are great sources of curated content. Bookmark interesting industry articles that you read and share the highlights with your followers. Choose inspirational quotes that are meaningful to you and pass them along to your readers.

Remember, you also have a treasure trove of potential curated content at your fingertips. Repackaging or repurposing your own top-performing content is an easy way to keep your feed fresh. You can share a snippet of a blog paired with an eye-catching image for a brand-new social media post. You could showcase an intriguing fact from previous content or expand a helpful list into a series of stand-alone posts. Sharing a particularly popular blog post a second time can generate nearly as much interest and engagement as the first round. Don’t overlook newsletters, videos or other ongoing publications as sources of curated content either!

When curating your own content, check your analytics and draw from your most successful posts, or choose content that is timeless or “evergreen.” You can also update previous articles or blogs, rework posts, or share previous inspiration or information in new ways. This will keep your followers engaged while saving you time and effort.

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