Relationship Marketing 101
Sophie Zollmann
July 3, 2020

What’s the purpose of marketing? If you answered “sales”, you’re partially correct. Businesses obviously use marketing to make sales, but that’s only part of the overall marketing picture. Relationship marketing is a vital part of a successful marketing strategy. In fact, it’s probably the MOST important element of your marketing plan.

Relationship marketing focuses on building long-term relationships and genuine connections with customers. Fostering loyalty and lasting relationships takes precedence over short-term goals like customer acquisition and sales.

There are 3 steps to successful relationship marketing:

1. Know Your Customer

  • Who are they?
  • What do they value?
  • How do they want to interact with your brand?
  • Use demographics, metrics, and CRM data to gain a true understanding of your customer, build customer profiles, and determine what will appeal to them

2. Create Your Strategy

  • Focus on building long-term relationships and loyalty
  • Tailor your communications to fit your audience
  • Choose their preferred platforms
  • Encourage feedback, and use it to implement change or guide future marketing efforts
  • Make customer service a top priority

3. Communicate Frequently

  • Use social media to build a connection and encourage dialogue
  • Provide content that is useful, interesting, and relevant to your audience
  • Tailor your products or services to show that you understand and value your customers’ unique needs
  • Reward loyalty with special offers, discounts, and exclusive content
  • Personalize your communications, and go the extra mile by sending birthday or holiday greetings
  • Expand your customer base organically by encouraging reviews and rewarding referrals

Building a lasting connection with your customers ensures you’ll get the repeat business you need to stay on top. Happy customers will share your business with others, and keep your brand growing. The marketing specialists at SophieZo are here to help you create and implement a winning relationship marketing strategy. Book a call today!


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