Using Hashtags on Facebook
Sophie Zollmann
July 24, 2020

Hashtags have long been an essential part of Instagram and Twitter posts, but Facebook has been late to the party. It’s not that they haven’t tried- they rolled out hashtags on the platform years ago, but they never quite caught on. Now, that’s starting to change, but don’t expect to see a hashtag free-for-all on Facebook just yet. Tags are increasing in popularity, but they play differently on Facebook than on other platforms. Taking the time to learn the ins and outs of using hashtags on Facebook is worthwhile because it can boost your post engagement and increase your reach organically.

When should I use hashtags on Facebook?

Every Instagram and Twitter post has hashtags- and lots of them! But that’s not the case on Facebook. Businesses use them sparingly and wait until they really have a reason to tag.

Add a hashtag to:

  • Support social causes that matter to your audience and your brand

This shows your followers that you’re listening and paying attention to what matters to them, and that you share their convictions.

  • Make your posts searchable and easy to find

This works well to highlight specific campaigns or promotions that are of special interest to your audience.

  • Track your social media engagement

Hashtags help you identify the words and phrases that get the most attention, so you can refine your keyword strategy accordingly.

How should I use hashtags on Facebook?

You are most likely very proficient at using hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, but the rules of engagement are different on Facebook. Your tagging strategy needs to fit the platform to be effective.

  • Less is more

Your Twitter post might feature a dozen hashtags, but that won’t fly on Facebook. Stick with a few well-placed tags for maximum impact. 3-5 appears to be the ideal number.

  • Keep it simple

Since you’re working with fewer hashtags, you want them to be as effective as possible. Hashtags should be clean, simple, and easy to remember. Stick with branded or popular social community tags.

  • Tailor your tags to fit your platform

Sure, it’s super easy to cross-post your content from Instagram to Facebook, but is it effective? While you can use the same body content and images, you’ll likely need to trim your hashtags to function best on Facebook.

  • Tag your top content

If you haven’t been using hashtags on Facebook, it’s not too late to start! You can even go back and add hashtags to some of your top-performing content to give it a new chance to reach a broader audience.

Adding hashtags to your Facebook posts can be an excellent way to increase interaction and boost engagement. If you want more advice on incorporating hashtags and strengthening your Facebook strategy, book a call today!


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