3 Things Smart CEOs DON’T Do
Sophie Zollmann
April 11, 2024

As the CEO of your company, you play a critical role in your long-term success. But here’s the caveat- you have to fully understand the role you’re meant to play!

I’ve worked with far too many entrepreneurs who aren’t clear on their duties as CEO. They’re getting bogged down in the day-to-day and spending far too much time on tasks that ought to have been delegated ages ago. If you’re still focusing on the small details of your business, you’re not thinking big enough!

You are the leader, the visionary, and the one who is responsible for using your genius to boldly lead your company to the next level of success. You can’t do that if you’re spending too much time on these 3 things:

  1. Micromanaging Operations

    The operational details of running your business can consume every minute of your valuable time if you let it. This is not the best use of your time or your talents!
    You wouldn’t have hired your team members if you didn’t think they could handle the job, so back off and trust them to do what needs to be done. You’ve got bigger fish to fry!

  2. Handling Routine Tasks

    Did you spend half your morning plowing through pointless emails? Why???
    Those are the massive timewasters that you need to be handing off to your admin team! Let them focus on the basics, scheduling, email management, customer care, etc. so you have the freedom to build new revenue streams or devise new initiatives to help boost your business to the $1M+ milestone.

  3. Making All the Decisions

    Yes, you are the leader and the ultimate decision-maker, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the deciding factor in EVERY decision! Success is a team effort, and collaborating with your team, your stakeholders, and your partners not only frees up your time, it also creates an unshakeable foundation of teamwork where everyone is equally invested in your long-term success.

A great business support team knows that companies thrive when everybody plays their role! We’ve made it our mission to extract CEOs from the day-to-day, so they have the time and space to lead their team to the top with ease! If you’d like to learn more about the plug-and-play team that boosts your business and gives you back your time, please visit


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