How To Spruce Up Your
Social Media Posts With Emojis
Sophie Zollmann
August 10, 2018

Emojis have emerged as a common part of the social media conversation. They add life to your campaigns by giving them more context and making your posts more exciting.

Emojis have been gaining popularity for a while now, among consumers and businesses alike. However, many brands still shy away from the emoji, because they’re concerned a small image may make them seem unprofessional or childish. The good news is you can learn how to take advantage of emojis today!

What Can Emojis Do On Social Media?

Emojis are far more powerful than they seem. Used correctly, these icons:

  • Give your brand a human side: People don’t connect with soulless corporations on social media. Your customers are looking for a way to get to know the people behind your business. Emojis give you a personality that’s easier for your followers to connect with.
  • Make you stand out: In a sea of text, emojis can make a social post stand out. Though these icons are growing increasingly popular, brands are still cautious about using them, so now’s the time to take advantage.
  • Show that you belong: Some businesses make the mistake of simply trying to sell on social media. The important thing to remember is that these channels are about making connections. Emojis show your customers and followers that you’re just like them.

Golden Rules For Using Emojis

Like anything else in your social media strategy, emojis will work best when you use them alongside a careful strategy. Rather than jumping head-first into your emoji-based posts, plan your schedule with the following advice in mind:

  • Don’t go over the top: Emojis can offer a lot of advantages in today’s emotion-rich marketing space, but it’s crucial not to go over the top. Too many emojis will make you seem unprofessional.
  • Stay relevant: Don’t use emojis just because they’re there. Authenticity is crucial in social media, so make sure that the icons you use are relevant to the message you’re sending.
  • Don’t be “too” creative: Lots of marketers are naturally creative people. While there’s nothing wrong with having an imagination, remember that you shouldn’t go too far. No one wants to have to decode a complex story told through emojis.

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