Which Platforms are Right for You?
Sophie Zollmann
January 29, 2021

As social media’s popularity has grown, so have the number of platforms. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right ones for your business.

We’re going to take a look at each of the top 4 social media platforms, and discuss the audience make-up, the features and functions they offer, and how each one can help you accomplish your unique goals.


It’s the largest platform with over 2 billion users, and I’m going to make a big, general statement here- every business owner should have a Facebook page. Seriously- across the board, no exceptions.

Facebook is a tried-and-true marketing tool with a lot of really great features. It gives you opportunities to grow through paid advertising and organic reach. They make it easy to target your audience, set up an online shop, make a sale and collect reviews from your customers.

It gives you really useful tools to measure your content quality, audience engagement, audience demographics, and more. It may not be the newest and coolest of the social media platforms, but it’s well-established, reliable, and still bringing in new users every day, so it should absolutely be a part of your social media strategy.


Instagram is a completely visual platform whose main audience base is under 35. If you’re selling products, or marketing to millennials, put Instagram on your list!

Studies show that people remember visuals far better than text, and posts with images or video get far more engagement than straight posts. If you truly want to catch your audience’s eye, Instagram is the way to do it!

An added bonus of Instagram is that it boasts an engagement rate MUCH higher than other social media platforms- 10 times higher than Facebook and a whopping 84 times higher than Twitter!


The pandemic has done a lot for LinkedIn’s popularity. As more and more people began working from home, LinkedIn became more important than ever as a networking tool.

LinkedIn has around half a billion members, and it’s an amazing tool for building your huge, interconnected social media web.

B2B brands can really thrive on LinkedIn, but you’ve got to make yourself visible and active to generate leads. Start by filling out your profile completely.

The LinkedIn algorithm really values connections and engagement. The people most likely to see your posts are ones you interact with frequently or people in groups that you’re active in, so get in there, get involved, and stay active!


One of the greatest things about Twitter is its advertising potential. Twitter has two unique things going for it when it comes to marketing. First of all, it’s a lot cheaper to advertise on Twitter than on other platforms. Video ads on Twitter cost about half as much as they do on Facebook in terms of cost per engagement.

Second, Twitter users spend 26% more time watching ads than users on other platforms. Cheaper advertising and more views?? Sign me up!

And good news- you can totally cross-post content from other sites. It’s super-easy to pare down longer posts to fit Twitter’s character limit, and then you’ve got new content with very little effort!

If you’re ready to learn more about choosing the best social media platform for your business, check out this week’s episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo.


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