CEO Extraction Starts Here
Sophie Zollmann
June 20, 2024

When the plug-and-play team at SophieZo takes on a new client, we have one major goal in mind; to extract the CEO from the day to day and put them back in the driver’s seat.

I learned early in my business that you’re never going to get ahead if you’re buried under the never-ending demands of running your company, so I made it my mission to build an all-in-one team of business support experts that can take over the marketing and operations and finally free CEOs to do what they do best.

Here’s why I believe CEO extraction is the key to long term success:

  • Your business will swallow you whole if you let it

There isn’t a CEO on this earth that hasn’t felt the struggle of too many tasks and not enough time. If you constantly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the workday, how will you possibly take on MORE tasks, clients, and projects? Team support, solid delegation skills, and a clear understanding of which tasks are worth your time is the first step towards sustainable scaling.

  • You can actually love your business and your life again

The constant stress of running a business takes a serious toll on your body, your mind, and your relationships. When you have a reliable team overseeing your marketing and covering the backend of your business, you’re FREE! You finally have time to step into your genius, create amazing new opportunities for your company, AND live your life!

  • Trusting your team makes your business better

Trust is a key component of successful CEO extraction. You can’t delegate effectively if you don’t trust your team to get the job done. That’s why an all-in-one team model is so effective. You have talented experts who have years of experience and proven strategies, which allows you to step away and trust them to get the job done.

If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and pulled in countless different directions, it’s a clear sign that you’re taking on too much! There is a MUCH easier way to get to the top.

If you want to learn more about CEO extraction and how an all-in-one team helps you scale sustainably without stress, check out


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